Thursday, April 30, 2009

Faux Roman Shade

With my yards and yards of newly acquired fabric, my brain is working overtime to find creative sewing projects. Here's an easy one I thought of yesterday.

Please excuse the some of the blurry pictures. I don't know what is going on with my camera. 

I started with fabric, muslin, and a piece of wood left over from the cabinet project.

I folded the fabric over twice to create a nice edge. I put the muslin down the middle in order to use it as a liner. I like to iron the edges to get nice folds and it helps with the sewing later on.

I folded all the pleats to create a faux roman shade effect.

Then, I sewed each pleat straight across making sure that it was covered by the fold hanging above it.

Finally, I made an opening at the top to slide the wooden piece through (fold fabric over and sew across).
I nailed it to the wall by rolling the extra fabric over the wooden piece and then nailing it to the wall underneath the curtain. 
I'll have to add that picture to this when I get home today. 

There you have it. Sound easy enough? Actually, making sure to have perfect folds was the hardest part. Add nails, a broken sewing machine needle (the last one!), a grouchy pms'ing girl, and you have a recipe for a breakdown and a fearful hubby.  

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Lindsay said...

seriously fab! love it! great job!!