Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm with the Artist

While in the credential program, I had the wonderful opportunity of getting to know a kind, hilarious, and extremely talented artist/teacher. I'm still very lucky to consider him one of my friends to this day. We're of course always super busy with teaching and so we only get to chat once in a while and see each other about twice a year, but we make the best of it.

I've known since the time we student taught at the same school that Daniel is an amazing teacher. He connects with students in an almost effortless way and allows them to reach the pinnacle of their creative spirits in many ways; and he undoubtedly permits them to experience his love of art.

Although he's constantly dishing out his love of art on the kiddies, he's still got time to put in a whole lot more to create what I think are fabulous pieces of art.

Be sure to check out Baxter Arts to get a better look at his work.

I wish I could paint like that. He offered the hubby and me a painting as a wedding gift last year...I wonder if he remembers this??

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