Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Fever!

I am loving this weather. I actually wore sandals to work today. That's a big deal for me since I'm the girl that says she's always freezing. The cold looks for me. Shame on the cold. If it were up to me; I'd be happy moving to some place like Arizona where it's hot almost year round. I've mentioned that to the hubby before, since I have family I really love living there, but he put that idea six feet under... immediately. oh well.

I'm feelin' the sunshine big time. It's helping me get through what seem like endless days at work. I would much rather be riding the streets on my cruiser (bike, that is) with the breeze in my hair, FroYo in one hand, and a cute puppy in my basket...nice. I really can't wait till the summer. Man, I wish it was here.

Alright now; back to reality. In the spirit of spring time, I created a board with lots of fun bright colors and a rug I really wish I could incorporate into my decor.

All this color just puts me in a good mood. Too bad it's not Saturday already.


Maggie said...

This really reminds me of our living room! It makes me want to add more yellow accents though b/c most of mine are red. I'd been thinking about some yellow throw pillows for summer, now I'm going to do it!

Nancy E. J. said...

Yay! I've really been loving the yellow lately. I've incorporated a few yellow things so far and am planning on adding more. Isn't it cheery and perfect for spring/summer?!