Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rest your feet on table?! Part 2

My thumbs and forefingers are killing me. What would you imagine I've been doing? Hmmm....playing the thumb cymbals perhaps? Or twisting knobs? Or...making buttons to create a beautifully tufted ottoman?!

As I sit on my couch with my feet resting on my coffee table turned coffee table + ottoman, I believe my achy fingers, thumbs and shoulder really appreciate the break. Man, I'm tired. Oh man, as I rested my head back on the couch, I can see two little spiderwebs hanging from the ceiling...ewww...excuse me while I rid my living room of these.

So, I accomplished what I envisioned. The hubby, as always, a little apprehensive and nervous about my endeavours into woodworking/home improvements is able to take a deep breath as everything turned out without any major breakdowns...from me. =)

As I mentioned in my previous post, I imaged creating a tufted ottoman-like top to replace the glass on my coffee table in order to cease the crazy foot-handling. That would be feet on the table.

Here were the steps that led to the amazing or at least interesting transformation.

Outline the shape of the table

Cut out the top with a jigsaw
I love that thing!

All cut out!

Sand the edges

Outline and cut out a piece that fits inside

Measure and mark where tufts will go

Spray with glue and cover with foam

Cover with a layer of batting and staple around the edges

Cover and staple with fabric

Add fabric covered buttons by threading through predrilled holes on the bottom. The hubby helped me with this by pushing the buttons all the way down into the foam as far as possible and I tied them on the bottom and secured them with buttons.

Paint the part that will fit inside the opening

Drill the bottom part onto the top. I used six screws around the edge.

Have a doggie sit on top just for fun

After all that work today; I think I deserve another day off.


Stephanie said...

Once again, I'm incredibly impressed by your mad skillz. :) Amazing. Well done. And I love the picture of little E. enjoying the comfort of the new comfy coffee table! ** Thought: You may wish to start your own "bedazzle your home" business. I'd invest in it!

~Linds~ said...

This is AWESOME!!!!! Good job!!!