Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Hate Reading!

Okay, not really. I have to say I am actually in love with reading. What would you expect from an English teacher?! I think I should maybe refine my reason for not "liking" it. Twilight. I know. I know how old I am, but hey, I work with teenagers. I at least waited a year or so to start reading it. I finished it last night...at 1AM!! On a school night!! Geez. I have been soo tired this week because of that dumb book.

I was bored at the beginning (because I already watched the movie) and thought the writing was mediocre. It's funny because I mentioned the fact that I thought it wasn't very good writing to some of my girls at school and they agreed. At least they can tell the distinction between good and bad writing. Aside from that, I was still enthralled in the plot. I think it was the ridiculously outrageous obsessive love that the two protagonists share for each other. It's just so fun to imagine such a romantic man. It also didn't hurt that I kept imagining this...

Oh. So.

Really, can you disagree?
So anyways. Please excuse my lack of blogging. I am exhausted. It also doesn't help that kickboxing and weights have kicked my butt the last two days. I'll be back soon with some before and afters!


Stephanie said...

I haven't seen Twilight the movie yet, but I read the book over Thanksgiving and was up until probably 1AM as well! The second book frustrated me a bit, so I haven't ventured on to number 3 yet. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday! xoxo

Themis0307 said...

I am SO right there with you! I am almost done with the first book in the series after SWEARING I'd not jump on this bandwagon. Alas, after watching the movie, I knew I had to read the books.

I agree that her writing is not that good (I was an English major with a minor in writing and am now an appellate attorney who, surprise, writes for a living, so I'm a bit *ahem* picky). But the plot is enthralling and I just can't resist forbidden love! I have been exhausted for the past week because I can't put the book down!

By the way, just ran across your blog and I really enjoy it!