Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Clean that Fridge!

I like to clean. No, I actually love to clean. You get results right away and everything is in it's place. But, I hate cleaning the fridge. The hubby's job is to clean the inside and I clean the outside. It's a team effort. I really got the best end of that one.

The hubby would not necessarily agree. He thinks the fridge should have pictures, mementos, magnets, and whatnot's all over it. Not me. I don't like clutter. I don't mind the random picture or note, but it drives me crazy when all kinds of things start to end up on the clean face of my refrigerator. I needed a solution.

Cork board to the rescue. One role of contact cork board (yes, it doesn't just come out of a wine bottle) from Tarjay and I was set to tackle this project. It literally took about 5 minutes. Unwrap the role, measure the space you'd like to cover, remove paper backing, and place your contact cork board in place. Voila. You're done!

Attach all random fridge accessories with small pins.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

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~Linds~ said...

Ahh! Another genius idea! This is great!

Thanks for the paint ideas too that you mention on my blog! I am originally from Emporia, KS {45 miles from Topeka} but have lived in Overland Park {Kansas City} for the past 6 years!! Where did your hubby live in KS?!