Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sea Shells for the Casita

A few months back, I purchased a so-so looking mirror from Ross with the intention of doing something with it to make it really unique. I have spray painted it twice, but I'm still not feeling the look it has (just kinda blah). The time has come for me to work some magic on this tragic mirror. My initial inspiration was a photo of a ginormous mirror in a master bedroom that I found somewhere on the internet. Sorry, no photo to share. But, that concept has stuck with me and I'm prepared to undertake the task of covering the frame in shells! 

Now, I doubt any of your know this, but I have a real love/hate relationship with the glue gun. So much so that I have not touched a glue gun in over 5 years. Can you imagine that?! I'm a crafter and there are a lot of crafting projects out there that require a glue gun. The hubby knows of this relationship and so when I told him of my idea to glue shells on the mirror; he was stunned. He questioned whether that was really necessary. It is. 

The glue gun does not like me and has burned me many a time. From my fingers to my lips, that stupid hot glue just gets me every time. I does a glue gun get to your lips? It's tricky like that. My reflex upon getting a glob of hot glue on my finger--take the finger (with hot glue still on it) straight to the mouth for relief. Yeah, not so good. It hurt. 

Last night, fab friend K and her fiance joined us for a great dinner and some wedding STD assembly line work and I  mentioned my shell idea. She loved it and that sealed the deal for me (I completely trust her mad decor skills). I'm going for it. Then, today while checking out the pics of the new Green Home, what do I see?? Sea shell framed frames! Totally!

I'm feeling especially good about doing this now. Maybe I'll do it tonight. I've already got the shells! I'll provide pictures of course. Perhaps I'll even whip up some shelled-out frames for our guest room! Who knows.


Kristin said...

And who migh that fab friend K be?? =P Nanc, for a minute I almost thought that pic was from your house, but then I realized none of the pics in the frames were of you hehehehe. You have to make the sea-shell mirrors was meant to be!

Nancy E. J. said...

hehe...hmm...I wonder?? You made me crack up in class. I'm going to get to it when I get home!