Monday, August 31, 2009

So cute

Love the wallpaper and the painted crib. Too cute.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Big Move

There's been a lot going on around the Johnson house. The school year has started and I've been extremely overwhelmed with my new classes. The hubby got a new job with a BIG company(it rhymes with snapple). I was gone in Tahoe for my fab friend K's bachelorette. I've also done lots of changes around the house, but really haven't had any time to take pictures. I'm just exhausted.

I've lost my steam with updating my blog on my house projects because....we're moving! I hate moving and I'm sad about having to rent our house. poop. But, we're very excited about things to come for us. With the company he'll be working for being in Cupertino and me having to still work in San Rafael, we've decided we're moving to San Francisco. Man...we're so not bumbed about that. We figured we're still young, have always talked about living in the city, and it's a good place for both of us to commute from. So, I haven't really been making too many changes in regards to the house itself, except for accessories (I made new linen drapes that I love!). The hubby is set to start his job in about three weeks, so we've already started prepping for the move. We haven't found a place yet, since he just accepted the offer on Thursday, but there are a few places we're interested in. I'm of course making sure it's a good base to work with since I won't be able to make any changes. =(

So, the next few weeks will more definitely be really crazy for us and the posting will probably be sparse. But, I will most definitely be posting pictures of our options and an upcoming visit from a blogging buddy! Hey Lindsay!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to Us!

Some of you know this, but the hubby and I have the same birthday, August 12th. Not the same year, but the same exact day. It really is fun getting to share your birthday with your best friend. We usually do something extra special since we only need to celebrate once a year. This year we went out to dinner at the Melting Pot; which, was fabulous. The location closest to us was formerly used as a kiln somewhere around 1890. They used to make bricks and so it's this winding underground cave thing with little booths and tables carved into the domed walls. Aside from the fun of fondue, the atmosphere added to the whole experience. It was perfect. They asked us if we were going to be celebrating anything that night and of course we told them it was our birthday. We love the response we get when people find out that, we, a married couple share the same birthday. We left stuffed and very content. I'll post pictures later when I can find the cable for the camera to the computer.

Here's some pictures I found on the internet.

The Melting Pot Larkspur

We also received wonderful gifts from the hubby's family. I am especially excited about them because I'm the one that's probably going to use them more. =)

A wonderful miter saw with a laser and all kinds of fancy cuts!

A cordless circular saw!

WOO HOO! I've been thinking really hard about new projects that will require me to use to the saws. For my first saw project I am going to make THIS...

My Dream Green Home

Actually, I love our house. I wish it was a little bigger and then we'd never have to move. Moving is poop. But, when I saw these pictures I just fell it love.

Green is by far my most favorite color in the world. It's soothing and fun at the same time. I have plenty of green in our cozy cottage, but looking at those pictures makes me want to add MORE!

Love the green sofa!
hmm...sorta looks like my kitchen
Apothecary jar in the bathroom...this house was made for me
Look at the birds on the headboard!
I am in need of some of those doors.

Southern Living Inspiration Home.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Apples and Horseshoes

In case you haven't checked out the links over to the right there, Snippet & Ink is one of the prettiest and most inspirational websites for a bride-to-be (or a married lady like me). It's really just beautiful image after amazing image.

I read Kathryn's website every single day (and maybe multiple times a day) while planning our wedding. I don't know how she does it but she continues to come up with some of the most wonderful inspiration boards almost every single day.

I thought it would be fun to work with one of the inspirations boards at S&I as inspiration for a room. Although I love summer, I always get so excited as fall approaches. It's definitely my most favorite season of the year because of the color, the weather (hot, in our area) and cuddly clothes. It's also means the hubby and I will have been married for one whole year! yay!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Book as Art

I love books. I love art. Hey, why not combine the two!?

As an English teacher and a major book lover, I have to say that my initial response at seeing the images below was shock. It freaked me out. Why or how would anyone dare ruin a poor defenseless book?! Then...I got over it. I love the way they look. How cute would they look on a bookshelf? totally cute. hehe.

I wonder if the hubby would notice one of his books missing...

For the full tutorial check here.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Curtain Call

Another Option: If I win the lottery in the next few days, I'll have to go with this one below from Calico Corners. Malino in rust.

Actually, I'm thinking I can do some linen drapes with a border of this fabulous fabric....that could work on a budget.

New Option?: How about this one? I loved this one when it first came out at PB. It's a great mix of a bunch of colors I love. Orange? Check. Yellow? Check. Blue? Check. Green? Large print? Check. hmmmm...

I am sooo happy to be back home. I did not like being away from home for two whole weeks. It could have been worse. I could have been stuck in some awful city in the middle of nowhere; at least I was in San Diego. The weather was fabulous; the conferences okay. There was no chance for me to blog or really do anything with my computer since I was staying at a wire less hotel. I had to go to the lobby and use one of their computers to get online. Lame-O.

I'm back and ready to get some final projects done before my school year actually begins.

First up, I want new curtain in the living room.
This is what I'm looking at right now. I don't have all of those exact things. Like our couch is not IKEA, I did not buy my curtains at RH, and my rug is not C&B...etc. But, that's basically what our living room looks like. Cute, but not very exciting at the moment.
I think bringing some color with the curtains if definitely going to make a big difference. For example, Nicole's curtains over at Making it Lovely. So lovely and fun.

Making it Lovely
With that and a few other images (that I can't seem to find anymore) in mind, I've decided I want some more Amy Butler in my life. I'm currently dreaming of this pretty.

Amy Butler, Lotus Temple Garland in Lime

Bold, huh? Why not? If I don't like it, I'm sure I can find a use for it another day. Or, there's always this one...

A.B. Primrose in Olive

What I like about the temple garland is that includes yellow and orange, which are colors that are present in other parts of the house and I love them. The kitchen includes yellow accents and since the living room shares a wall with the kitchen, I figured it would work the best. But, I love that primrose. I'm just not sure about those blue flowers in the pattern. We definitely have lots of blue in the house, but I'm trying to move away from too much of it. Oh, primrose is also about $5 more a yard, so....the frugal girl in me in saying "Go for the temple garland."

What to do? Any suggestions of colorful fabrics that include green, orange, yellow, white, brown, and/or blue?

Oh yeah, that rug...I'm not to sure about it anymore. I'm thinking about moving it to our bedroom upstairs.