Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rest your feet on table!?

We have a problem in our little cottage. People like to put their feet up on my table!!! Oh, and not just their feet; shoes and all! Ugh. What's happened to my poor coffee table (pictured below) is that there are spots where it's been scratched and man-handled. Aside from feet getting propped, the hubby thinks the table is a great place to have breakfast. Poop.

Our coffee table purchased new from a thrift store for $55.
When I realized what was happening to my table, I decided I wasn't about to let it get worse. An ottoman seemed like the only answer. But, a new ottoman is expensive. Not good for this teacher's budget. I've been looking for a good deal, but have yet to find it. 

While watching TV last night, the answer to my problem came in the form of David from "Color Splash." Yes, I watch the show. He used a table with an ottoman top that comes off to reveal a nice wooden coffee table. It resembled this one.

What I've got in mind is removing the glass on the top level of the my coffee table and then creating a tufted ottoman-like top to replace it. All I need it some plywood (that I will cut into the oval shape of the table), foam, batting, spray glue, some fabric covered buttons, and my handy staple gun. I'm planning on creating a plywood cutout that will fit in the open spot so that the top doesn't move. I think I even have some paint lying around that will match the rest of my table too. Woo. Now, I need to pick a fabric! I'm thinking microfiber (since it's easy to clean) in a neutral.

This sounds like a project I can tackle tonight. Maybe I'll have some pictures to share tomorrow! oh wait...I think I have a meeting after school. 

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