Friday, April 17, 2009


What a week! I've driven nearly a 1000 miles in the last week. Actually, I take that back...I HAVE driven that many and more. My booty hurts from so much sitting.

As this past week was/is my spring break, I've been keeping busy with visiting family, going to Disneyland (!), and of course working on our bedroom. I finally picked out the paint (since the first one turned out to be too bright) and am now falling in love with it. I still don't think it looks exactly like the sample, but, oh well. It's definitely in the family. I've been searching for the perfect fabric to accent the bed, I bought our wall lamps, got a living (I bought one last week and it's dead!! Totally not my fault) fiddle leaf ficus, and I'm making the curtains. I don't have any pictures yet because my battery is recharging after my little road trip, but I'll be back this weekend with some for sure!

Since I'm not posting an inspiration board this Friday, I'll leave you with a fabric I'm contemplating on using for large euro pillows for our bed. Tell me what you think.
I'm going to pull out the orange for accents. I bought a neutral crewell with a similar pattern to make smaller pillows and then a lovely mustard colored linen to make a tufted toss pillow to throw in for a punch. hmm...looking at it again, I think I love it.

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