Monday, April 20, 2009

Fabrics R' Us

Man. oh. Man. I'm so lucky to have a hubby that supports my addiction. He's just great! Maybe one day I can start my own fabric shop with all the fabric I'm buying these days.

Since I can't stand paying full price for anything, especially fabric; I remembered I'd seen the same colorful fabric I showed off in my last post at a blog that I like to check out every so often. When I couldn't find it on the website she listed, Liz was nice enough to reply to my email with a link to the website with the fabric. So sweet! So what I originally found at Calico Corners for $20 a yard (crazy, I know), I found at $15 a yard. Nice, but not that nice. Then, I came to my last resort...the Ebay.

Geez, you can find almost anything on that freakin' website. I swear someone could sell their soul on there. Anyhoo...I looked up "Duralee Fabric" and what do I find?! Seven point six two five yards of Duralee Noisette fabric in Autumn for $34.26!! THAT'S MY FABRIC! Now, with $12 of shipping I just felt that was a little too much to spend at one time (I'm that frugal, not cheap), so I made an offer. I felt for almost 8 amazing yards of this fabric I couldn't give them too low of an offer, so $25 it was. You know...still make it under $40 with the shipping at all.

Twenty minutos later. I won. Check it.

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