Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back to work....sorta

I forgot to mention that I'm in San Diego for the next two weeks doing some serious teacher training. Yeah. poop. I'm not really excited about it, but it's definitely something that will help me plan for one of my new classes this year. So....I'll be trying to stop by to do some blogging although I really don't have any projects to share since I'm confined to a super boring hotel in the evenings. Just kidding.

Well, the session is about to start. I better act like I'm taking this seriously. =)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sew Cool

Here's my latest update to the "doggie" chair. As you can see below in the first picture. The original chair in all it's glory. It actually looks really nice from far, up so close not to good because of those darn doggie nails that dig into the tweed. So sad. I completed the Target survey on the receipt because I wanna win $5000! Oh man, I could get 2 new dolce chairs with that moola. Actually, I could probably buy 400 of them! But, two would do.

I felt it was time for a white slipcover to match our couch. This is how it went down.

1. I laid the fabric on the chair for the middle section (the seat) and determined how far down I wanted it in front and back. I always leave a little extra, just in case.
2. I laid the chair flat on the fabric and cut out the shape of the side, again, leaving extra for the seam and just in case.
3. I turned the fabric inside out and pinned around the shape of the chair. This is the part you're going to sew together.

4. I put in on the chair. The second pictures shows what you can do if you want to hem it at that length. But I wanted to add a skirt to match our couch.

5. I added the piping and skirt. This was the most complicated step. I covered the piping in fabric. (so, my sewing machine came with a special foot that allows you to do this) Then I wrapped the fabric around the chair to guess about how much I would need. I went around and pinned it to the chair along with the piping while the slipcover was inside out. I added the pleat while doing this.

6.I sewed it all around and made sure the welting went under in the back. If you take a look you can see I started the skirt on the sides, not on the back. I used the fabric I had used for the seat part for the back part of the skirt.

7. Hem the skirt and you're set.

Maybe I'll make a video next time I do it because it's was hard to stop to take pictures while I was doing the skirt, so that's why they're missing. oops.

I heart latte bowls

See this lovely image below of the BEAUTIFUL latte bowls

Yes, this one.
That just totally did it for me a few years ago. At that moment I thought to myself, "I need a latte bowl collection, stat!" I don't remember what Martha Stewart issue it was, but that image has definitely stuck with me.

Not only are these adorable, cutie patootie, colorful bowls good for...yeah, lattes! mmmm... But, they work for keeping things a little bit more organized. I have one sitting on my nightstand because even though I have a beautiful jewelry box the hubby gave me, I just can't get that jewelry to put itself away. I just throw whatever I take off before bed in the little bowl. I've also used one to put keys in. Just set one on a ledge or table and you've got a fab key drop off zone.

Here's a few more ideas:
1. soap dish
2. cat/doggie food bowl
3. a grouping of bowls as a centerpiece
4. float a candle in one
5. cotton bowl holder on your bathroom counter
6. a vase
7. bobbypin/hair tie holder
Another great thing about latte bowls is that they're usually only a couple bucks each. You can snag a few and start a collection in a jiffy. Here's a quick look at part of my collection.

You can always find them at Anthropologie for $4 or $5. Whenever I happen to be around Anthro, I'll pop in and buy one. I've been working on creating an only greens, blues, browns, and yellows collection (sometimes I can't help myself when it comes to orange though) so in narrows down the ones I get and makes it harder to find more of a variety. But, I'm okay with it. It allows me to slowly accumulate my collection, which, the hubby likes. Latte bowls aren't exactly manly.

Know of any good places to pick up latte bowls? I think I need another...


I was looking for succulents, but instead found this fab flora...

....for $8.99!! Hey, that's a deal. Go check these babies out at Home Depot. Just so you know, that's my wooden flower vase and moss. The orchids just come with a plain plastic pot.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rooms to Spare

I've been running around doing...I don't know what?! The days just seem to fly by. I've been working on removing the old fabric from the wingback chair I bought weeks ago and tomorrow I'm heading into SF to buy some materials to reupholster. I'm excited!

Well, for now here are some pretty images of rooms. In case I had a spare...

Images found at delight by design

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Maybe

I saw the image below and thought. "Maybe I can paint my bookshelf that greige (grey and beige) that I am so in love with right now?"

I love this whole look.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Antique Cyborg

Update: I've decided to keep the dark stain it currently has and place in it's rightful home and accessorize it. I'm loving the contrast of the white on the dark stain. I still can't decide on the painting or papering? help.

see the art in the white frame? one of my super talented students made it. it's a design cutout in wood. amazing!

When I mentioned to the hubby two days ago that I wanted to buy a sideboard, all he heard was cyborg. His eyes widened like I'd said the magic word and I just stared back at him with surprise over the fact that he was actually excited about us getting another piece of furniture. That excitement lasted all of two seconds until I repeated what I'd said. "oh, really?" is all he had to say about that. =)

Before I could really go any further into the conversation about the sideboard, I asked him what exactly a cyborg is and the topic completely changed. I've been enlightened. I now know about the 6 Million Dollar Man. Do you? Interesting.

Anyhoo, I later gave him the info on why I HAD to have a sideboard and how much it was going to cost us. Lucky for him, he has a thrifty wife and the sideboard ended up being on Craigslist. He almost seemed interested about it. Well, I won and we now have a "new" piece of furniture in our little cottage and I LOVE it! I now actually have a place for our China and silver! woo. It set us back all of $80. I'm happy with that number.

Here she is: the antique cyborg

Sorry, not enough sunlight this morning.

When the hubby got home last night I'd moved her in all by myself in the heat. He was impressed and then I posed the question that's kinda plaguing me. Should I paint her or let her be? As of now, I'm thinking of just cleaning her up, fixing up her rough spots, and then doing something with the inside of the cabinets and drawers. Maybe paint in a bright color (maybe the green on the living room walls) or finding a fancy wallpaper to line her in. I'm sorta leaning towards the paper.

So, for your viewing pleasure and consideration in my dilemma, some inspirational photos.

Option 1: I could completely paint it
Yellow Sideboard Photo found at SimplyGrove.blogspot.com

The infamous sideboard from Pieces. That green is like my walls.

Option 2: I could two-tone it. Cabinet and drawer fronts in a white?

Option 3: Leave her alone.

Option 4: Leave the outside alone and paint or wallpaper her insides.

With this?

Or this?

Something like this?

I don't know! I worry that if I paint it, I may not want it like that later and it would be A LOT of work to sand it. I hate sanding. I know it's hard to notice in the pictures, but the cabinet doors has some really nice wood details.

Okay, so paint inside or wallpaper inside for now?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer Morning

This is what I'm loving this morning. My doggies, the sunshine, and my hand-picked hydrangeas.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Pillow vs. Pillow

With the addition of a new white slipcover to the living room chair (I'll post that later), I decided it was necessary to create a new pillow cover because the old one (zebra print) wasn't working anymore. I was also inspired for the change by the fact that I bought a new pillow at Pottery Barn last week.

I wanted the green one below, The Jute Braid Pillow by PB to go with the new one I bought. But, at $40, I didn't think this solid print pillow was worth it. I figured I could try to make my own. Here was the challenge.

With an idea in mind I headed over to the fabric store to seek my materials. What did I come out with? Burlap and a green embroidered linen. What did I make? Check it:

Hey Burlap, nice to see you again.
I cut out enough to cover the piping stuff to go around the pillow.

Here it is all bundled up in burlap.

FYI: you're going to end up being covered in burlap threads

Here is my fabric measured and cut.
I inserted the burlap underneath the edges before I began to sew.

The result is this happy pillow with it's new PB friend.

Who do you think is the winner? I may be biased, but I kinda like mine better. =) Oh, total spent on materials: $5!
FYI: linens are 60% off at Joanns right now.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Who doesn't like a good deal?!

Aside from all my thrifty projects, I've decided to do some random posts whenever I find a good deal available to most.

Here's the first one!
Michael's has these wooden "Studio Decor" frames on sale right now for $3.49! They come in white, black, and dark walnut. They also come in three different sizes; 10x13, 11x14, and 8x10.
If you're trying to create a photo wall, it's a good time to stock up!

Light up your life

Here's a quickie DIY project to make a lamp out of anything with a whole in the top...umm...or a bottle. I found a great blue bottle at Marshall's for $5 and bought the lamp kit months ago for $7. I found an awesome lamp shade for $9 at Pottery Barn the other day and the light bulb went off in my head...make a lamp for the new guest room.

Here's the details:

Step 1: You can buy a lamp kit at a hardware store and it provides the directions about how to wire it. It's real easy. Mine came with little rubber stopper thingers you can use instead of the cork, but I prefer the cork because they're easy to find(They have them in a variety of sizes at OSH) and provide a better seal.
Step Two: Wrap tape around the cork to prevent it from falling apart and then drill a hole in the middle in order to insert the light socket.
Step Three: Find a jug or whatever you like and insert the cork with the light socket.

You can see my mallet hanging out in the background. That's how I got my cork down and snug in the bottle.

Part Five: Add your shade (and harp if needed) and find your new lamp a home.

Easy as pie and only $21. I think my quick and affordable project can be compared to those found in the pages of House Beautiful.