Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Break...I loved you.

Since this is my blog and I'll blog if I want to; here's an entry about my too short, but funfilled spring break.

I really love it when I get a smile from an adult when I mention Disneyland. I'm one of those crazy grown people that still love Disneyland. I literally skipped and clapped my hands together as the little pixie dust kind of a sound allowed me to enter into the magical kingdom. Love it.

They have so many things that make me smile, I just could not even begin to describe them all. But, I can tell you they have fabulous rides, sugar, cutie things everywhere, and an amazing silhouette artist on main street. Amazing. She seriously cut out my head in 10 seconds. No joke.

Yay. I wish I was there now. I dare you not to smile when you check the picture below. That would be me with the crazy smile and almost spirit fingers; Christian with the ghetto gestures, Gab with the cheesy smile, and my brother's girlfriend, Amberly with the windblown hair. I love my brothers. Oh yeah, stopped in Bakersfield to hang with my brother Gabe and his girlfriend Amberly. We baked, ate, and laughed. Good times.

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