Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sneak Peak...Guest Room

I snuck out again! No time for words. Just pictures!

A freshly painted and re-covered chair by moi...

A giant DIY crown molding frame...

Some sassy blues...

and freshly painted walls.

It's a guest room coming together before our guest arrives on Thursday! Oh man, do I have time?!

Postcrossing Alert!!

Yay! So, I'm not back yet; I'm just popping out for some sunshine. It seems to have finally arrived!

I do have some exciting news (for myself) and I just had to share because my blogging pal Lindsey, over at Passenger Seat Kind of Girl wrote about this really neat website that allows you to send and receive postcards from all around the world. I love writing and I adore the concept of good old real mail in the mailbox. I couldn't resist joining upon reading her entry!

Well, today I found out that one of my postcards made it to it's final destination in Finland! She even wrote me a nice little note thanking me for the "beautiful card." How cool!

You have to check out the website to get the details on how it works, but I highly suggest it. I can't wait to get one myself!

Visit Postcrossing.com for the 411!

Thanks Lindsey!

Friday, May 22, 2009

A Feeble Attempt

I'm trying to get myself out of this endless work induced tunnel. Last night was the first evening I was home before 9PM. It was great. I have another rough week ahead of me; which, I am so ready to get over with. The culmination of my hard work will be getting to spend an entire evening in SF with colleagues, the hubby, and about 500 dancing teenagers until midnight. Although it's on the weekend and it's a work related event, I have to admit Sr. Ball is one of my favorite events.  Oh, and daddy man is coming in from Guatemala on Thursday (while I'll be at a hotel with 30 or so teenagers!) for my brother's graduation in a few weeks. 

I think I see the light. 

All images below borrowed from Home Sweet Home.
You have to check that site out. It is full of eye candy!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Be Back Soon

I've got way too much stuff going on right now with work, projects, the hubby, and the end of the school. I'll be back soon with lots of pictures and little projects.

I am so ready for the summer.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Office Change?

I saw this and I thought, "Wait a minute. I have that bookshelf in my craft room (but in white) and I have that desk (in our office downstairs); why don't I put all our office/craft stuff in one room and then make my now craft room into an only guest room?"


We actually have a futon thinger we bought to use for guests when we had lots of people staying at our house during our wedding weekend. Lately, I've kinda been feeling like it's just taking up space in the downstairs office and that it would look cute in something like this. Since this is literally how big and small (actually mine is a teeny bit smaller)my craft room is, minus the window on the wall (mines just the skylight). Isn't it cutie? Wouldn't it be the adorable little guest room? I think I have that paint!

Boy's Room DesignBoy's Room Design
Boy's Room Design

Maybe I'll convince the hubby to move the ginormous bookshelf this weekend?!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


There's a wall in our MBR I've been avoiding showing. It's been somewhat of a trouble wall for me because it's slanted due to our vaulted bedroom ceilings. So, I gave up and decided to work with the angle it's provided me with...kinda.

At first I thought, "Why don't I get some prints that go together well and frame them in exact frames in a very symmetrical design?" Then, I thought, "What if I just randomly place them on the wall?" since I love that look as well.

I thought about random

Symmetrical perhaps? I love apothecary jars!

What happened is this:


At an angle.

I started out by deciding I wanted to have different finish frames because I love black frames, I wanted some bright whites to keep it airy, and the walnut matches our furniture. I prearranged them on the bed and once I thought it looked good, I started nailing and hanging. It actually didn't turn out how I first envisioned it, but I'm quite happy with the results. I couldn't have done it without my handy dandy little hanging tool. It's genius. So genius that one of my decor idols, Candace Olsen, uses it in her show! I bought mine at the now defunct, Linens n Things, but I've seen 'em around.

Excuse the mess in my craft room.

Anyhoo, I'm loving the mix of our pictures on the wall. I enjoyed an evening resting in bed with a dog at my feet, a decor magazine in hand, a new wall lamp shining on me, and good memories on the wall. It made me giddy. I can't wait to add some pictures to the wall after next month when the hubby and I will go on our long awaited honeymoon to Aruba! Oh, and if you look closely you can see my Disneyland silhouette or our silly "Love in the Material World" picture. I crack up every time I see it.

I forgot to mention I bought those frames at either Michael's or IKEA. I always make sure to check the internet for a Michael's coupon before I head out. Here's  a 40% coupon for Michael's.

Images found on Apartment Therapy.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Cutie Baby Banner

Last week I posted about a mix of materials for the baby shower. Now that the shower is in the past, I can share what I used each of those things for.

The pink and red paper was used to create Tissue Paper Pom-Poms from Martha's site.

The polka dot fabric and the blue and yellow felt were used to create a baby name banner. This is the how-to:

1. I cut the fabric in 6 X 11 inch rectangles.2. I sewed seams on both long sides of the rectangle
3. I folded it in half and then folded in the edge to create a 5 X 5 square. 4. I sewed across one more time to create an opening to run the ribbon through 5. I outlined the felt letters by hand using an invisible ink pen. I bought mine at Joanns. Cut out the letters and glue to the square using fabric glue.
6. I added pink gross grain ribbon for the banner. There it is at the shower!

I'm really happy with the way it turned out, even though my ancient sewing machine kept giving me a hard time. I think I'm going to start browsing for a new machine.

Baby Celebration!

We had quite the little baby celebration on Saturday for my dear friend Stephanie and her almost-here little girl, Charlotte. We had the most perfect weather to enjoy yummy tea, treats, playing games, laughs, baby talk, and cake. I had a wonderful time playing the part of co-hostess along with Stephanie's neighbor, Peggy.

Peggy, Stephanie, me, and Helen

The shower mascot, Mickey

Using toilet paper to guess Stephanie's belly size.

Pre-party set-up

The lovely showered lady

The cutie couple with Charlotte's b-ball gear

The hubby and I are so super excited for Chris and Stephanie. They are just so sweet and will without a doubt be wonderful parents. We can't wait to meet the little one.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Seeking and Coveting

I want this.

Ummm....but for nearly $300; I don't think so. Why so much? I can get one from Craigslist for $20 and then paint it. I guess some people are rich and lazy. 

I'll be scouring Craig's for two of these! You wanna help? I'm in Sonoma County, Cali Bay AREA! =)

Friday Inspiration

I am a huge fan of round/pedestal dining room tables. I've actually never owned a square or rectangular one. Pedestal tables are perfect for sharing great conversations and for small spaces. We currently own one that I absolutely love. It's the perfect size and it expands to a nice size oval for holiday meals. We got the best deal on it through craigslist. 

This weeks inspiration board started with a pedestal table as the centerpiece. I've actually been thinking of changing out some of our chairs for more traditional wood ones. I know my mom has a set just hanging out in her basement and with a little green paint (or white!) I could quickly whip up a totally different look. Maybe I'll have her bring them on Sunday??? =)

Spring Time Dinner

I placed two Amy Butler fabrics in as possibilities for curtains, but for some reason, one of them isn't coming up right. That's actually my favorite of the two. You can click on the link for a more detailed photo of the fabric and info on the furniture and accessories. 

Hope everyone is getting some sunshine at home today and throughout the weekend! I'm loving it. 

Thursday, May 7, 2009

One Way or Another

I had a little bit of a shopping expedition today. Not so much for myself, but in preparation for the baby shower. There were a couple last minute things I still needed to pick up. I was mostly looking for prizes for the games, but of course, I couldn't resist taking a peek where I probably didn't need to enter. Really; how could I avoid not going into Ross?

If you're not familiar with this chain, the concept of the store is brand names at low prices. They purchase inventory from stores that perhaps have too much of one thing and then sell in for half the price. It's a random assortment of things, so it's not for those seeking a particular object at that moment. I guess it's like Home Goods. I wish I had one of those close by.

Anyways. I bought a few things; a cutie ikat patterned dress for $8(I'm thinking for Saturday), a pretty orange glass jar for $7, and two pillows, one at $6 and the other for $10 (both with a down fill). Now, I need some advice. I'm leaning one way, but I need the extra push to make the decision final.

I've got two contenders for the prize of being the new pillow on the giant chair in our bedroom. Here they are with their best fighting mugs on.

Pillow Number One: Mr. GP, graphic print...if you're nasty.

GP says, "Hey ladies, you see some rectangles in here? Nope, I've only got diamonds for you."
GP says, "Come and get up on this girls."

Pillow Number Two: Mr. HATE...AKA: Hot Around the Edges.

Mr. Hate says, "I'm the perfect mix of caliente and picante."

Mr. Hate says, "Ladies, I've got it all. Silk, hotness, and I'll full down there.
If you get what I'm sayin'."

I have to say, those boys are looking a little too brown for me in these pictures. This Brown girl really only likes White boys. So perhaps I don't want either. I do really like Mr. Hate because he's got that leafy pattern that compliments the euros on the bed and he's got some orange. I love me some orange. Or, I could do both?

Ugh. I don't know. What do you think?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What do ya think?

This Saturday I'll be cohosting a baby shower tea party for my sweet friend. I'm looking forward to it because I'll get to see her, the baby bump in person, other friends, and do two of my favorite things...decorate and eat cake! I know she has some idea of what's coming (maybe from Peggy?), but I've got some surprises in store, for sure.

Here's a little glimpse. Any guesses?


I don't want to ruin the surprise, but I'll be sharing what I came up with next week. I used what you see above and a few other things to make a special something for her almost-here little girl. I hope she likes it!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Retro Fab Chair Re-do

Here to show you the latest work on the retro fab chair. I had recovered the seat on the chair that I bought at the adorable "Good Stuff" thrift store. That wasn't enough for me. I wasn't feeling it. Then, I changed the seat fabric again. Sorry, no pictures of that state. This past weekend, the chair went through another transformation into what I am thinking is going to be it's final look. Although...I may change the seat fabric again later on. =)

Without further ado...


Hey, they're matchers!
It looks like it's about to tip over. It must be the rug or the picture angle.

Nice, clean, and white!

I've been totally feeling the white lately. It really just brightens up a space so much. It may have to do with spring and summer (I can't wait for you to really be here!) and the desire to brighten up any gloomy winter spaces.

A can and a half of spray lacquer (fancy), the removal and addition of lots of staples to the seat, and voila; a recycled mod chair! I was originally going to go with a mustardy yellow, but I saw this West Elm chair and changed my mind.

I'm trying to bring white back.