Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fishing for Inspiration

It's raining. Yuck. I started the shell mirror and it is taking me longer than I anticipated. Way longer. It's looking like I might even have to head over the store to pick up ever more shells. Ehh...that's okay. I love my coupons.

So, on a day like today, I'm looking for some inspiration. Not only am I looking for ideas to inspire the emergence of our cottage as us; it is art, color, design, and beautiful things that give me the will to get out there and run, cook a fancy petite feast each night for my family, and have a little bit of a bounce in my step. Although inspiration of this kind works wonders for me, it is definitely not, by a million gagillion, the only thing that lifts me up. I could make a list a mile long to get that all in. At the top for sure; the hubby. I love him to pieces.

When looking for inspiration I tend to select images that are bright, eclectic, colorful or in some cases subdued, and that create a cozy sense within. I love the mixture of different textures, metals, and finishes. The over-the-top or super monochromatic look definitely impresses me (if done well), but that look doesn't really have a lived in-I-just-wanna-relax type of vibe I'm going for in our home.

I've recently had the sense that the lower level of our house is getting to the point where I'm really happy with the look, but then I'm reminded of words I've read over and over again: A room is never finished. It evolves with you.

Enough with the thinking, more with the pictures! Let's get inspired.

Love the color, contrast of metal and wood, the large art above the couch, the texture of the large rug and the zebra skin. Cozy

Love: the bright colors, the varying levels; from hanging ivy to the upright, the eclectic mix of plants
Love: the GREEN!, the white, the mirror to create light, the white, the details of the console, a surprise with the pink, and did I mention the white?

Love: The complete mix of it all.
Love: The serene nature, the soothing color palate, the pillow, and the leather.
Love: SUCCULENTS! The cure for the brown thumb.
Love: the fact that it looks like someone actually lives there, the orange and yellow accents.
How cute is that lamp shade?!
Love: the blue, the beachy feel

Love: the light colors, the bamboo blinds, the art, and the lamp

Love: everything!

Love: the luxurious feel, the colors, the art, and hellooo...the dresser at the foot of the bed!

Love: the jars on the table, the beach accents, and all the white. It's formal without being stuffy.

Love: It's clean look.
All images above courtesy of My Home Ideas

Miles Redd's Front Door
Love: the color and the detail on the door. hmm...it's got me thinking.
Love: The bright color, the stripes, the butterflies, the mix of modern and vintage.
Love: I could just eat it up with a spoon. So beautiful.

Images above are courtesy of We Love Domino

Okay. I think this group with suffice for today.

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