Monday, May 11, 2009

Cutie Baby Banner

Last week I posted about a mix of materials for the baby shower. Now that the shower is in the past, I can share what I used each of those things for.

The pink and red paper was used to create Tissue Paper Pom-Poms from Martha's site.

The polka dot fabric and the blue and yellow felt were used to create a baby name banner. This is the how-to:

1. I cut the fabric in 6 X 11 inch rectangles.2. I sewed seams on both long sides of the rectangle
3. I folded it in half and then folded in the edge to create a 5 X 5 square. 4. I sewed across one more time to create an opening to run the ribbon through 5. I outlined the felt letters by hand using an invisible ink pen. I bought mine at Joanns. Cut out the letters and glue to the square using fabric glue.
6. I added pink gross grain ribbon for the banner. There it is at the shower!

I'm really happy with the way it turned out, even though my ancient sewing machine kept giving me a hard time. I think I'm going to start browsing for a new machine.


Stephanie said...

We absolutely love the banner! Can't wait to put it up and will take pictures once we do. :) xoxo.

jhedeline said...

You should get a job working at Martha Stewart or similar! Tres creative! Je ne savis pas que tu avais étudié le français à l'université! Stephanie a partagé le clip de la petite fille et le popotame -- tres mimi!

The banner is adorable! Bisous