Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Office Change?

I saw this and I thought, "Wait a minute. I have that bookshelf in my craft room (but in white) and I have that desk (in our office downstairs); why don't I put all our office/craft stuff in one room and then make my now craft room into an only guest room?"


We actually have a futon thinger we bought to use for guests when we had lots of people staying at our house during our wedding weekend. Lately, I've kinda been feeling like it's just taking up space in the downstairs office and that it would look cute in something like this. Since this is literally how big and small (actually mine is a teeny bit smaller)my craft room is, minus the window on the wall (mines just the skylight). Isn't it cutie? Wouldn't it be the adorable little guest room? I think I have that paint!

Boy's Room DesignBoy's Room Design
Boy's Room Design

Maybe I'll convince the hubby to move the ginormous bookshelf this weekend?!

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