Tuesday, May 12, 2009


There's a wall in our MBR I've been avoiding showing. It's been somewhat of a trouble wall for me because it's slanted due to our vaulted bedroom ceilings. So, I gave up and decided to work with the angle it's provided me with...kinda.

At first I thought, "Why don't I get some prints that go together well and frame them in exact frames in a very symmetrical design?" Then, I thought, "What if I just randomly place them on the wall?" since I love that look as well.

I thought about random

Symmetrical perhaps? I love apothecary jars!

What happened is this:


At an angle.

I started out by deciding I wanted to have different finish frames because I love black frames, I wanted some bright whites to keep it airy, and the walnut matches our furniture. I prearranged them on the bed and once I thought it looked good, I started nailing and hanging. It actually didn't turn out how I first envisioned it, but I'm quite happy with the results. I couldn't have done it without my handy dandy little hanging tool. It's genius. So genius that one of my decor idols, Candace Olsen, uses it in her show! I bought mine at the now defunct, Linens n Things, but I've seen 'em around.

Excuse the mess in my craft room.

Anyhoo, I'm loving the mix of our pictures on the wall. I enjoyed an evening resting in bed with a dog at my feet, a decor magazine in hand, a new wall lamp shining on me, and good memories on the wall. It made me giddy. I can't wait to add some pictures to the wall after next month when the hubby and I will go on our long awaited honeymoon to Aruba! Oh, and if you look closely you can see my Disneyland silhouette or our silly "Love in the Material World" picture. I crack up every time I see it.

I forgot to mention I bought those frames at either Michael's or IKEA. I always make sure to check the internet for a Michael's coupon before I head out. Here's  a 40% coupon for Michael's.

Images found on Apartment Therapy.


~Linds~ said...

Love it! I totally have one of the Disney World Silhouettes myself! Do you remember how long it took them to make it?! LOL like 1 minute at the MOST for mine! Crazy skills right there!

I love the wall! Looks great!

Maggie said...

Hi Nancy, that looks great! I want to do something similar. Any tips on finding frames that don't cost an arm and a leg a piece? Even at Target they cost $15-$25 it seems...add that up for 8 frames or so and that's a lot!