Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Retro Fab Chair Re-do

Here to show you the latest work on the retro fab chair. I had recovered the seat on the chair that I bought at the adorable "Good Stuff" thrift store. That wasn't enough for me. I wasn't feeling it. Then, I changed the seat fabric again. Sorry, no pictures of that state. This past weekend, the chair went through another transformation into what I am thinking is going to be it's final look. Although...I may change the seat fabric again later on. =)

Without further ado...


Hey, they're matchers!
It looks like it's about to tip over. It must be the rug or the picture angle.

Nice, clean, and white!

I've been totally feeling the white lately. It really just brightens up a space so much. It may have to do with spring and summer (I can't wait for you to really be here!) and the desire to brighten up any gloomy winter spaces.

A can and a half of spray lacquer (fancy), the removal and addition of lots of staples to the seat, and voila; a recycled mod chair! I was originally going to go with a mustardy yellow, but I saw this West Elm chair and changed my mind.

I'm trying to bring white back.

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Anonymous said...

This is awesome! I love it!

Keep me posted on your PostCrossing adventure! I will totally send you a postcard from Kansas! {said with my best FAKE country accent!} Isn't the coffee table book an awesome idea! I can't wait to see what you do with your postcards!