Thursday, May 7, 2009

One Way or Another

I had a little bit of a shopping expedition today. Not so much for myself, but in preparation for the baby shower. There were a couple last minute things I still needed to pick up. I was mostly looking for prizes for the games, but of course, I couldn't resist taking a peek where I probably didn't need to enter. Really; how could I avoid not going into Ross?

If you're not familiar with this chain, the concept of the store is brand names at low prices. They purchase inventory from stores that perhaps have too much of one thing and then sell in for half the price. It's a random assortment of things, so it's not for those seeking a particular object at that moment. I guess it's like Home Goods. I wish I had one of those close by.

Anyways. I bought a few things; a cutie ikat patterned dress for $8(I'm thinking for Saturday), a pretty orange glass jar for $7, and two pillows, one at $6 and the other for $10 (both with a down fill). Now, I need some advice. I'm leaning one way, but I need the extra push to make the decision final.

I've got two contenders for the prize of being the new pillow on the giant chair in our bedroom. Here they are with their best fighting mugs on.

Pillow Number One: Mr. GP, graphic print...if you're nasty.

GP says, "Hey ladies, you see some rectangles in here? Nope, I've only got diamonds for you."
GP says, "Come and get up on this girls."

Pillow Number Two: Mr. HATE...AKA: Hot Around the Edges.

Mr. Hate says, "I'm the perfect mix of caliente and picante."

Mr. Hate says, "Ladies, I've got it all. Silk, hotness, and I'll full down there.
If you get what I'm sayin'."

I have to say, those boys are looking a little too brown for me in these pictures. This Brown girl really only likes White boys. So perhaps I don't want either. I do really like Mr. Hate because he's got that leafy pattern that compliments the euros on the bed and he's got some orange. I love me some orange. Or, I could do both?

Ugh. I don't know. What do you think?

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Ros said...

My vote is for GP *blows kisses* all day. That is one spicy pillow!