Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why don't you take a load off?

In the past two years the hubby has heard his fair share of complaints against the ginormous couch he came with. This past week, the complaints suddenly ceased. 

I finally got a new couch!!! Just what I wanted too!!

Now, being the frugal shopper I am, I couldn't just go into a store, pick out a couch, pay for it, and then just lug it home. Oh no. I found us an original Mitchell Gold made for Restoration Hardware slipper-covered beauty of a couch for all of $525 bucks! Yes! What's my secret. You know it and love it, Mr. Craigs(list).

Since I knew the hubby was not into the idea of investing lots of moola on a couch, I decided this was going to be my only chance to get rid of the big honker hanging out in our living room. I'd been scouring the list since about last November in order to find the deal of a lifetime. I finally found it last week. Well, I may have found it before, but I was never the winner; always the runner-up. I actually thought I was the loser again because I didn't get a response for almost three days. Then, out of the blue I received my congratulatory call. I was first in line!

This comfy sweetie is just what I've wanted because of these reasons: 1. it's not ginormous 2. it's a lighter shade that will change the mood in the living room 3. it's slip-covered for easy wash and wear (especially with doggies) 4. in has back pillows that are not attached to the body of the couch because Enzo and Rosco love to sleep there and this in turn slowly tears the pillow away from the back of the couch 5. it's deep for comfy lounging 6. it's a classic style 7. no tennis balls getting lost underneath 8. it's new!

The previous owners owned and used it for only 3 months before they packed it up real nice and tight in order to keep it in storage while they lived in Central America for two years. They came back recently and decided they would rather live it up in Panama and therefore chose to sell off their goods. Lucky me. 

The original couch.

Our affordable lady

Hey, with her new pillow friends. 

I'm thrilled. Now, if I could only keep the pillows in place like that all the time. 

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