Thursday, March 5, 2009

To Paint or Not to Paint?

That is the question today. 

On my endless search to find thrift shops just like the ones Eddie Ross frequents (meaning fabulous, with LOTS of great finds), I always stop to check out any that catch my eye. Yesterday, one got me!

Speaking of endless, my Wednesday was absolutely ridiculous! It was long; meeting after meeting, class after class, up until about 7PM. Seven in the PM! I am a teacher! I was there at 7AM. Geez.  Anyhoo, I did actually have some time to leave the school for about an hour to get some dinner and find any way to entertain myself while I waited for my next meeting. Guess what I did? Yup. Nice to meet you "Good Stuff." Isn't that a cutie name for a thrift store? Well, just as I arrived at their store, they locked the doors on me. They even put a chair in the way in case my thuggish persona decided to attack. Since I couldn't make it in, I made sure to do some window shopping. What did I see? Lots of good stuff. Actually, maybe, not that much, but two good things for sure. As I walked away, so sad and freezing, I decided I would have to return the next day. 

Look at what I got today!

Now, the question. If you look closely, one of the wood parts between the legs has what looks like bite marks. Bad doggies (not ours, obviously). Other than that; which, I'm planning on sanding off, the chair is in great shape. My initial thought was to simply change the seat fabric, but now I'm wondering if I should paint the whole thing for a fun look. I don't have any particular fabric in mind, but I want something with a large print. If I do go with the paint option, I'm thinking marigold, some kind of orange or white. Alrighty ladies and gents, what to do? Give me your expert opinions. 

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