Sunday, March 29, 2009

Class Up Your Kitchen Cabinets

Since I can't stand spending a week relaxing, I decided to take on the task of replacing the inserts in our kitchen cabinets with glass or make them look "classy," as the hubby said to me once I finished. There was one mistake made along the way, but it was nothing a lot of frustration and elbow grease couldn't correct.

Due to the way our cabinets were assembled, there are metal pieces that stick out of the corners inside. I knew about these when I went to the hardware store to get the glass cut. I asked that he cut it inside the measurement I gave him, but he was an expert glass cutter apparently because he cut it exactly! So, when I went to lay the glass on the molding, it wouldn't fit because of those darn metal corners sticking out. Ugh! I had to disassemble the molding and fit the glass in first, under the metal corners.

Anyhow, they're done now and I love them! I think I'm officially done working on the kitchen cabinets.

Here's are the pics and how-to info. Click on the pictures to enlarge and check out the details.

Yay! All done!
My neighbor was part of my inspiration for this project. Yesterday, my neighbor told me that her project cost her over $200 because she purchased fancy looking glass and had the shop install the glass after she'd cut out the centers. I purchased double-strength glass for $30 and molding for $18. I already had the glue, primer, paint, and clear caulk.
Total cost for this project: $48. That includes tax! Looks like I saved myself at least $152!
What do you think?


Stephanie said...

Wow. That's amazing! I am so impressed. Seriously.

Maggie said...

I am amazed. Utterly amazed. They look fantastic!