Friday, March 6, 2009

I've Got Some Puppy Love

When I left for work this morning, the boys (our dogs Enzo and Rosco) were already awake. They're the lazy-like-to-sleep-in type of dogs, so I was a bit surprised when they followed me down the stairs. Enzo, the "big boy" as we call him, because he's the older and "larger" one of the two decided he was ready for a photo shoot by laying on the stairs where the sun was shining perfectly. Rosco, of course could not sit still for one minute. Yet, it was a perfect photo opportunity for this doggie momma. 

I know this may not be decor related; consider the lighting and how beautiful it is. Bringing natural light into your home can do wonders. Also, think about taking photos of your precious pets and blowing them up to display like a poster in a kids bedroom or above your couch. Why not? That's definitely budget friendly.

The Big Boy "Buba," AKA: Enzo Ferrari
My cutie patootie, "Baby Boo," AKA: Rosco P. 

I may be biased being the momma, but these are some hot dogs!

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Maggie said...

Great pictures Nancy! Give old Gumshoe a squeeze for me. We had the same situation around Christmas time. Both cats were lying in the sun on the stairs so we got some great photos. We bought some inexpensive frames from Target, made black and white prints of the stair photos, and hung them on the wall in our living room!