Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sew Cool

Here's my latest update to the "doggie" chair. As you can see below in the first picture. The original chair in all it's glory. It actually looks really nice from far, up so close not to good because of those darn doggie nails that dig into the tweed. So sad. I completed the Target survey on the receipt because I wanna win $5000! Oh man, I could get 2 new dolce chairs with that moola. Actually, I could probably buy 400 of them! But, two would do.

I felt it was time for a white slipcover to match our couch. This is how it went down.

1. I laid the fabric on the chair for the middle section (the seat) and determined how far down I wanted it in front and back. I always leave a little extra, just in case.
2. I laid the chair flat on the fabric and cut out the shape of the side, again, leaving extra for the seam and just in case.
3. I turned the fabric inside out and pinned around the shape of the chair. This is the part you're going to sew together.

4. I put in on the chair. The second pictures shows what you can do if you want to hem it at that length. But I wanted to add a skirt to match our couch.

5. I added the piping and skirt. This was the most complicated step. I covered the piping in fabric. (so, my sewing machine came with a special foot that allows you to do this) Then I wrapped the fabric around the chair to guess about how much I would need. I went around and pinned it to the chair along with the piping while the slipcover was inside out. I added the pleat while doing this.

6.I sewed it all around and made sure the welting went under in the back. If you take a look you can see I started the skirt on the sides, not on the back. I used the fabric I had used for the seat part for the back part of the skirt.

7. Hem the skirt and you're set.

Maybe I'll make a video next time I do it because it's was hard to stop to take pictures while I was doing the skirt, so that's why they're missing. oops.


LinsyLou013 said...

I have two chairs that are white and get so dirty with Niah and the cat and dog. I want to recover them...I need to hire you!! That looks great!

~Linds~ said...

LOVE THIS! It looks so great! Nice work!