Thursday, July 9, 2009

It don't matter if your Black or ...Blue?!

Gotta love a little MJ.

No, no one has beat me up.

Remember the striped wall and blue fabric itty bitty guest room? Yeah, I didn't forget. Our visitor (my daddy) came and is now gone and it's time to share some pictures and dilemnas. So when I started I was all about the blue. I think it was because of this great fabric I found, but now I'm sure I'm really feeling it. I sorta feel like it doesn't really go with the other rooms in the house. It's a bit too rustic beachy instead of ecclectic beachy. Anyway...let me show you some details and then explain what's going to change.

Now: No natural light except for a teeny tiny sky light = bad pictures. sorry.

The blue here are what I'd originally decided on.

Later: I'm thinking BLACK!, white, tan, and some yellow.

How about these two?

Oh, and that black and white rug you see a corner of. Again, no natural light here = crappy picture.

I'm thinking of going for it. I already have the fabric and the rug and I can find some yellow accents somewhere. I found the Waverly fabrics at Joanns on sale (their home decor fabrics always seem to be 40 or 50% off), and the rug was $12 at IKEA. Also, see those ginormous fluffy down pillows on the table and futon up there (euro size!), aside from being found at Tuesday Morning's for $12, they also have them at IKEA for $9.99! Deal. I've been slowly working on quite a collection of these. I think I have an addiction for pillows. The hubby knows.

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