Monday, July 13, 2009

Pillow vs. Pillow

With the addition of a new white slipcover to the living room chair (I'll post that later), I decided it was necessary to create a new pillow cover because the old one (zebra print) wasn't working anymore. I was also inspired for the change by the fact that I bought a new pillow at Pottery Barn last week.

I wanted the green one below, The Jute Braid Pillow by PB to go with the new one I bought. But, at $40, I didn't think this solid print pillow was worth it. I figured I could try to make my own. Here was the challenge.

With an idea in mind I headed over to the fabric store to seek my materials. What did I come out with? Burlap and a green embroidered linen. What did I make? Check it:

Hey Burlap, nice to see you again.
I cut out enough to cover the piping stuff to go around the pillow.

Here it is all bundled up in burlap.

FYI: you're going to end up being covered in burlap threads

Here is my fabric measured and cut.
I inserted the burlap underneath the edges before I began to sew.

The result is this happy pillow with it's new PB friend.

Who do you think is the winner? I may be biased, but I kinda like mine better. =) Oh, total spent on materials: $5!
FYI: linens are 60% off at Joanns right now.


~Linds~ said...

OMG! I love it! YES, yours is totally better than the PB one. Better shape, better fabric and best of all handmade by YOU!

Love it! Good Job!

Amber said...

Hi Nancy- Incredible job! Any step by step instructions on how to do the burlap piping? Love it!