Monday, July 6, 2009

A Month in Pictures

I'm officially back. There's been a lot going on around Casa Johnson. There was lots of family coming and going, crazy doggy visits, birthdays, a visit to the boardwalk, a dance, a graduation, a bachelorette party, a honeymoon, and my abuelita passing away.

To sum up most of these events here's a month in pictures (I'm missing some pictures since the hubby broke our camera on our honeymoon.poop):

We don't look this sexy all the time
The water was that clear

Look at my sailing hubby!

I was forced to dance on stage before this

A blue lizard!

I always go out like this

A talking birdie...we'll call him Pedro

Before we got Browned up!

Oh so nice to arrive to this


Not Aruba

A collage I made for my brother that was displayed at grad night

The family

Prom with the hubby

Nancy the Teacher. Last day of school!


Stephanie said...

Amazing pictures! Looks like you had a great time. By the way, you're welcome to come by and keep me company any time. :) We'd love to see you!

~Linds~ said...

AWESOME PICTURES! I love "Pedro!" And the "thong" picture is hilarious and priceless! It looks like it was a GREAT month for you guys!

Maggie said...

Yea, those are great pictures. I am so glad that it looks like you had a fantastic honeymoon. Thanks for sharing!