Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Antique Cyborg

Update: I've decided to keep the dark stain it currently has and place in it's rightful home and accessorize it. I'm loving the contrast of the white on the dark stain. I still can't decide on the painting or papering? help.

see the art in the white frame? one of my super talented students made it. it's a design cutout in wood. amazing!

When I mentioned to the hubby two days ago that I wanted to buy a sideboard, all he heard was cyborg. His eyes widened like I'd said the magic word and I just stared back at him with surprise over the fact that he was actually excited about us getting another piece of furniture. That excitement lasted all of two seconds until I repeated what I'd said. "oh, really?" is all he had to say about that. =)

Before I could really go any further into the conversation about the sideboard, I asked him what exactly a cyborg is and the topic completely changed. I've been enlightened. I now know about the 6 Million Dollar Man. Do you? Interesting.

Anyhoo, I later gave him the info on why I HAD to have a sideboard and how much it was going to cost us. Lucky for him, he has a thrifty wife and the sideboard ended up being on Craigslist. He almost seemed interested about it. Well, I won and we now have a "new" piece of furniture in our little cottage and I LOVE it! I now actually have a place for our China and silver! woo. It set us back all of $80. I'm happy with that number.

Here she is: the antique cyborg

Sorry, not enough sunlight this morning.

When the hubby got home last night I'd moved her in all by myself in the heat. He was impressed and then I posed the question that's kinda plaguing me. Should I paint her or let her be? As of now, I'm thinking of just cleaning her up, fixing up her rough spots, and then doing something with the inside of the cabinets and drawers. Maybe paint in a bright color (maybe the green on the living room walls) or finding a fancy wallpaper to line her in. I'm sorta leaning towards the paper.

So, for your viewing pleasure and consideration in my dilemma, some inspirational photos.

Option 1: I could completely paint it
Yellow Sideboard Photo found at

The infamous sideboard from Pieces. That green is like my walls.

Option 2: I could two-tone it. Cabinet and drawer fronts in a white?

Option 3: Leave her alone.

Option 4: Leave the outside alone and paint or wallpaper her insides.

With this?

Or this?

Something like this?

I don't know! I worry that if I paint it, I may not want it like that later and it would be A LOT of work to sand it. I hate sanding. I know it's hard to notice in the pictures, but the cabinet doors has some really nice wood details.

Okay, so paint inside or wallpaper inside for now?


Lindsay said...

I LOVE this! I'm looking for something very similar for our entry way. Have you ever checked out the blog "Life in The Fun Lane?" She paints furniture like no other! Check it out and maybe get some ideas from her too!

Holly and Sean said...

Thanks for the shout out Lindsay~

I LOVE that piece!!! $80 is one screaming deal. It is in beautiful condition though so I vote for leave be and paper the insides.
Can't wait to see what you do!

Oonafey said...

I like the bamboo pattern paper you picked as a liner option. I also like that you have chosen to leave the piece as she is. All of the antique furniture I have is from family, so I am not permitted to paint it. Maybe we will start a new blog trend.