Monday, July 6, 2009

Moving on..

Now that the little brother has graduated, he's moved on to bigger and (hopefully) better things; at least according to him. There were plans made, but as a typically teenager, he's changed them. He will no longer to be going to Sac State as planned, but instead going to a JC and moving in with his best friend for a year before transferring to Sac next year. I'm okay with that, but I would have preferred he go now, oh well. What do I know as the adult?!

Seeing as he's moved on to other things, I felt his stinky teenager and rabbit smelling (he kept the rabbit and cage in the bedroom against our wishes) bedroom could use a change. I wish the camera would have been in working condition when I started the painting to show it step by step, but he's where it's at now.

Close your eyes and imagine peanut buttery goodness of color on the walls. The color is in fact called peanut butter (Behr). A DIY headboard as seen here and plain white bedding. Okay, now open your eyes and check our the after.


Stripety stripes and color!

Some accessories I'm thinking about including in the decor.

I really don't know what I was thinking when I decided I needed some major stripes in that room. Maybe I wanted something dramatic since the room has really high ceilings and I felt like I couldn't find any decor to fill in that space? Perhaps. Either way, it was a lot of work taping, painting, and then retouching, but I'm actually liking it a lot. Maybe I'm crazy. I recovered the DIY headboard with fabric I already had (and have lots of still). I actually didn't buy anything for this little makeover. All I bought was the 2 inch blue painter tape. You can definitely call this budget friendly. Oh wait, I did just buy that wicker elephant table at the thrift store last week. I couldn't resist. It's soo cutie. I think it fits and it'll definitely work in a baby room later on. I'm thinking ahead here.

I scored two white floating shelves from IKEA for free! from a colleague and am thinking of putting them up on the wall not seen here and then putting up some photos of our honeymoon and other beachy like things on 'em. There's also a white dresser from IKEA in that room that I'm going to buy knobs for. Remember, this is the fabric I'm working with in there. I'm taking out the orange and the turquoisey-blue out for the accents.

Knob 1

Knob 2 (I think I love)

Knob 2 (okay, I love this one too)
Of course they're all from freakin' fabulous Anthrolopogie!

Any thought? Advice? Suggestions? HELP!? =)


Lindsay said...

Hey!!! First of all... OMG we would LOVE to meet up with you while we are in SF!

I'm probably looking right over your email on your page, but can you leave me a post or email me at ajayhawksgirl {at} gmail dot com with your email! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to chat!

Second of all... I love the fabric you chose for the new headboard! Also that adorable "scroll" like turquoise paper looks very familiar! I have the same pattern in black! I used it on a couple scrapbook pages!

Can't wait to chat with you!

Maggie said...

When I first saw that photo of the new bedroom without reading the post I thought it was a professional design photo! Very impressive, I can't imagine how much time those stripes must have taken! I love the elephant table and the headboard! Great job.

thriftylittleblog said...

I love your design aesthetic! The Anthro knobs are too cute, I would mix and match with all of them. If I had to pick, I would probably end up with number one.