Saturday, July 25, 2009

I heart latte bowls

See this lovely image below of the BEAUTIFUL latte bowls

Yes, this one.
That just totally did it for me a few years ago. At that moment I thought to myself, "I need a latte bowl collection, stat!" I don't remember what Martha Stewart issue it was, but that image has definitely stuck with me.

Not only are these adorable, cutie patootie, colorful bowls good for...yeah, lattes! mmmm... But, they work for keeping things a little bit more organized. I have one sitting on my nightstand because even though I have a beautiful jewelry box the hubby gave me, I just can't get that jewelry to put itself away. I just throw whatever I take off before bed in the little bowl. I've also used one to put keys in. Just set one on a ledge or table and you've got a fab key drop off zone.

Here's a few more ideas:
1. soap dish
2. cat/doggie food bowl
3. a grouping of bowls as a centerpiece
4. float a candle in one
5. cotton bowl holder on your bathroom counter
6. a vase
7. bobbypin/hair tie holder
Another great thing about latte bowls is that they're usually only a couple bucks each. You can snag a few and start a collection in a jiffy. Here's a quick look at part of my collection.

You can always find them at Anthropologie for $4 or $5. Whenever I happen to be around Anthro, I'll pop in and buy one. I've been working on creating an only greens, blues, browns, and yellows collection (sometimes I can't help myself when it comes to orange though) so in narrows down the ones I get and makes it harder to find more of a variety. But, I'm okay with it. It allows me to slowly accumulate my collection, which, the hubby likes. Latte bowls aren't exactly manly.

Know of any good places to pick up latte bowls? I think I need another...

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