Monday, February 23, 2009

Woo for Teachers!

Every year, our leadership class at school organizes what we call "Secret Pals." It's basically a little gift exchange between teachers and the students in the leadership class that year. It takes place during the whole week of Valentine's Day and it's truly one of the highlights of my school year. I get to find little gifts in my box every day for a whole week with the "big" gift on Friday. We also have a little luncheon and invite teachers and students to meet and introduce themselves to their secret pal. It's super cutie.

This year, I was the lucky recipient of TWO secret pals since we weren't able to get enough teachers to participate. I don't understand why...but either way, it worked out just fine.

This lovely grouping of flowers (some of my favorites) were one of the many wonderful gifts I received all week. I loved my secret pals. I was able to enjoy the flowers all week. During the quiet moments of my crazy days, I really enjoyed sitting at my desk just admiring their sunny personalities. They made me smile. =)

On days like the ones we're having; rain and all, what kinds of things make you smile?

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