Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our house...in the corner of the street.

On top of painting the cabinets, I squeezed in some cleaning time this past weekend. Finally. That means I have some house shots for you all. If you looked at the entry about my inspiration for the house colors, you will notice that I absolutely love green. It's my favorite color. Along with green, I drool over brown, mustard yellow, burnt pumpkin orange, light blue, white, and accents of black. I really believe in mixing different textures and my home is a testament to that. Doing so gives the space different dimensions and a not-to-matchy-matchy feeling.

Anyhooo...the time I did squeeze in was not enough to also clean all the rooms, so I'll start by sharing the living room (I'm also not completely confident showing all the bedrooms since I'm not totally in charge of the decor in the hubby's (messy, don't tell him) office, and my teenage brother's (unbelievably disasterously messy room). I clean his room sometimes while he's gone to our mom's and it stays that way only until he arrives. oh well. Maybe if he actually leaves for college this year, I will have an actual guest room that stays clean. *dream.*

Italic That giant mirror used to be the ugly duckling in the bathroom.

As I previously mentioned, the hubby and I updated the bathrooms and that giant mirror there was blah and we were giving it away for free on craigslist when I decided I could keep it and use it for something. Mirrors that large are EXPENSIVE! Fifty-percent off of an awesome frame from Michael's and a free cut of the mirror at OSH and now we have a new mirror in the living room. Something to reflect more light is always appreciated.

Hey, that looks familiar.

I decided against putting the poster up where the mirror is. I just wasn't feeling it. I found the perfect spot on the wall between the kitchen and the living room. Perfect.

A glimpse of the fireplace I'm working on re-tiling. I'm still looking for tile I like.

I have something of an obsession for glass. On the mantle you can see my collection of apothecary jars. I just moved them into the bookshelf and am thinking about selling the large ones. Oh, and there's my lamp. I made it from a glass vase from Pottery Barn, a lamp kit from OSH, and a shade from Tarjay. =) I bought that coffee table, side table, and console from a thrift store. They were all brand new! I got the most fabulous deal on them. I'm such a bargain hunter. The mirror is from Ross.

What it looks like today.

I was looking for vases exactly like those and found them at trusty ol' Marshall's. I wanted to update the look and thought bringing in some cool new colored vases would do just that. I think I accomplished the look. That's a metal and glass green house of sorts right next to them.

We can't ignore the television.

There's the fabulous television I received as a gift from Oprah. Yes, the real Oprah. Love her. The rug I bought from Target's super wonderful design event last year. I think I paid $35 buckaroos. Yes! I made those large pillows on the floor. In case you didn't notice, I'm also a big fan of stripes. The bamboo blinds are a steal from Kmart (yes, I do sometimes shop there) and the curtains are from our local Tuesday Morning outlet store. Love dupioni. The curtain rods I found at Big Lots. Oh, that chair is from Target, too! Hmm...notice a trend? I never pay full price and I really look for a fabuLESS bargain.

That's the couch I wish I could replace with a creamy slip covered one from some place like Pottery Barn. Maybe next year. That ottoman opens up, is super velvety brown, and cost me $25 bucks at Target. I think they may have mislabeled that one. They still have it...for $60! More stripes anyone? I made those using my super quick sewing technique. I'll have to show you how later.

Now, if I could only figure out how to work our camera. It has way too many options for photos and I don't ever really know which option to go with. I want bright pictures....what am I to do? Any help? Oh, the flash...yeeaaahhh...not good. What kind of settings?

Next up...the completed kitchen/dining room!

What's one of your secret thrifty shopping locales?

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