Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ta da....a "new" kitchen!

I'm almost finished!!! I have four little cabinet doors to prime and paint and at this stage, I've started to lag. I really want to finish the kitchen, but I'm soo tired. I literally spent over 12 HOURS working on the top cabinets on Saturday. You'd think I'd be back to proper working condition by now, but lack of sleep and lots of work at work has prevented me from feeling like I'm in tip-top shape to continue by big project.

My goal was to finish working on the cabinets before my ski week break at work next week. A logical person would think that having a whole week off from work would be the best time to get such a project done; but not me. I want and need a break without major house jobs. I'll get to enjoy going to the gym everyday (yay!), sleeping in, hanging out with the doggies, and working on little house crafts. That all sounds divine.

Let me quit the blabbing and show you the fabulous before and after pictures!

Since my teenage brother thinks he can mess with anything I own, he decided to remove all the pictures I had on my camera and video record himself playing the guitar. nice. Thus, I don't have all the pictures I took before I began the kitchen. In the first picture you can see the loveliness that were the cabinets.

Just a small glimpse of the oak cabinets. At this point (a week before starting the top cabinets), I primed one bottom cabinet frame to test.

Yay! Painted! Love it.

Woo. All done with the bottom, minus the new hardware.

Now, for the top!

First coat of paint. Excuse the mess.

How about some hardware? Still waiting on new matching hinges and the little doors.

At this point, I've added all the shiny new brushed nickel pulls on the cabinets. I've been checking the mail like the matching hinges will magically appear after I check it once. Alas, that has not been the case. I'm crossing my fingers they get here tomorrow. The hubby and I hung up the doors quickly and some are not level because I'm waiting for the hinges to arrive.

Also, since our local Home Depot Yardbirds is closing, I'm getting a new faucet! Yup, just waiting till everything is 50% off.

A special thank you to my wonderful hubby for helping me with the sanding and letting me buy a small sander.

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