Friday, February 6, 2009

Busy as a bee!

Yup, I've been livin' the vida loca this past week. I've actually only made dinner once this week; which is to prove that I have in fact been busy as a bee. My camera's battery has also been on the verge of dying and because of my lack of time and unwillingness to get my charger out, I haven't been taking as many photos to load of my current work. I sincerely apologize. It actually makes me sad to neglect my little baby blog. That means I won't have any proof to show my future grandchildren all the super crafty and hard work I put into my life. hehe. =)

Anyhow, since I can't upload any pictures of my kitchen-in-progress (which I'm loving, by the way), my new hung up poster, and a new arrangement with my "new" refurbished bathroom mirror in a fabulous frame, I figured you could all use some decorating eye candy. I'm a whore for it. 
center island kitchenliving roomdogs
All images above courtesy of Domingo Magazine

Now, introducing the inspiration for our current little cottage. 
Keenan Living room
Keenan Living room
Keenan entry
Keenan letters

Keenan Living room
Obviously, I wish I had all that cool furniture (especially those chairs)
 and the orange, oh, and the fabric!
Love it...a girl can dream. 
All images, of course, from Cottage Living

When the hubby and I bought our house, I found these images in the (then) current issue of Cottage Living and just fell in love. I carried that issue around like my life depended on it. I even drove to a little paint shop miles from home to check out the exact paint color on those walls (of course, it's never the same in person), but my living room is in real life, green just like that. Now, I have no idea where that magazine went. It *poof* disappeared into thin air. I miss it. Where can I get one now? I think it was the October of 07 issue. So, every so often I check out the website to again be in awe of that space. Hey, now I can just check my blog! woo. 

I seriously need to clean my house and take some pictures of it so you can all see. Maybe during ski week!

Where do you find inspiration for your decorating?

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