Monday, February 16, 2009

Take A Seat...

...and be my guest on this fantastic voyage.

I love SKI WEEK! Yeah, I know. It doesn't snow around my parts and I don't live on the East coast...but I DON'T care. Ski week is here for me and all the kiddies and parents in Marin County that love to go skiing. Woo.

What ski week means to me is...

1. Lots of crafting.
2. Lots of sleeping in.
3. Lots of visits to the gym in the morning.
4. Lots of random fun and relaxing girl stuff.

It is in full effect and I've got one of my crafty projects for the week to show ya!

Presenting the Dolce Lounge Chair from Target.

Isn't she pretty?

I purchased this little lovely the moment I laid eyes on her. The shape is great, the legs are hot, and the texture of the fabric is divine. Now, this little lady has been residing in the living room for a little over a year now and has been given the name of "The Dog Chair." Yup, the boys think this is their chair and spend pretty much all day sleeping, jumping, scratching, and/or looking out the window perched on her back. All that work has left her a bit ragged. So sad.

So, I decided she needed a makeover. A bright and cheery makeover in order to get rid of the dark winter blues. I dressed her up real nice. What do you think? Two yards of fabric at $8.99 minus 50% with a coupon to Joanns, some muslin to make a pattern, a little sewing, and voila...good as new!

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