Monday, February 23, 2009

Love Shine Down....on Good Grub!

As some of you may or may not know, our little house doesn't really have a dining room. Now, does a dining room really need to have a "room"? Ours definitely does; it's the kitchen.

Yup, our petite dining room resides in our kitchen. It's a small corner of it, just enough to squeeze the perfect round table for four (and sometimes up to a cozy 8, with a leaf), our four comfy chairs, lots of good food, and plenty of laughs. The hubby, my teenage brother, and I have dinner at our table every night and it's a tradition I really adore. The boys (Our dogs Enzo and Rosco) also like to sit by our feet and wait for extras. Bad boys.We share the days events and spend quality time together.

One of our house twin neighbors has her dining set up in a space of the living room, but I prefer mine in the kitchen; it's closer to the food!

Well, since our dining room is a part of the kitchen, I felt like it could use something extra to make it feel more like it's own space and also have special lighting for our private dinners for two on the weekends and special occasions. In order to do so on a fabuless budget, I had to work some magic.

Geared up with two little white hooks, a lamp cord from IKEA, a drum lampshade I already had, some extra white fabric, and a light bulb, I created a dining room lighting fixture! I'm not completely finished with it, but I'll give you the progress for now.

Little white hook from Home Depot. It's rubbery.

Now hung up looking halfway done.

Yup, I think it's centered.

I still need to place the other hook in the corner of the wall so that the rest of the cord isn't just hanging out. It will then fall behind the curtain and plug into the socket hiding behind it. I'm going to add a rooshed up/scrunchy-like(spelling??) cord cover in order to make it look a bit fancy. I thought about actually wiring into the recessed lighting, but decided against that for many reasons; one being that the light would not be centered above the table. Poop on that. I'll come back soon with updated pictures once I sew the cord cover and get the ladder out of the freezing garage in order to put in the second hook (I stood on the table for the first one).

Total cost: $7-ish. I actually think that might too high, but I'm being generous. $17-ish if including the cost of the shade. Yeah! Fabulous!

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Freckles Chick said...

LOVE, love, love your DIY drum pendant!! Love your dining set too. Actually, I'm crushing on this whole room =)