Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Where's Wal-....no, Nancy!

Ookay, okay, I know. What the heck?! How could I start this thing-er and then just leave it be. Well, I guess I was busy. There was the after-real-wedding-cocktail party in KS, Christmas, birthdays, announcements, New Years, an online class, and a new semester of work. Ugh...thinking about clearing my credential makes me nervous. Do they really expect me to do it six month in advance? poop. So, on top of that online class, I just realized today I have to take CPR. Yay.

I was recently rejuvenated of my desire to actually run with this blog by the hubby. He's so smart. Just what I always wanted. He reminded me that I had a lot of projects that I've been working on and no outlet, aside from his ears, to really share my work with. So, on back I slowly walked to the lonely computer to start (or continue) with a bang. Woo...so, here I go.

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