Thursday, January 29, 2009

Letter to a Dearly Departed

Dearest Cottage Living,

I don't know where to begin. You have been here with me through the many changing tides of my life. I remember our first encounter as if it was yesterday. You have always inspired me in ways no one else really has. You gave me the determination to rid myself of the remnants of my yesteryear and move forward into a more vintage, classic, modern or what I like to call "Vimoclass" style. How I looked forward to your fresh visage by the register at the local market or sitting silently, yet bursting at the seams while waiting for me at the bookstore.

It makes me teary-eyed that I won't have you to move me into the next stages of my life. We will never get to share in the expansion in many aspects of the turning world. How will I know what to do with the extra space in my future larger home or what colors to use in the baby's room?

Just know that although you have now left the world, you will continue not only in my heart, but in my kitchen. It was, that gave me the courage to paint the cabinets in what other people term as an "interesting" look.

You will be dearly missed.

Fabulessly Yours,
Yes, this is how I will be painting my kitchen (starting this weekend!). Check it out for more pictures.

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