Thursday, January 29, 2009

Who you callin' Imelda!?

While visiting my most fabulous friend K at her new home a few weeks back, she gave me goosebumps. Well, first off, because of her wonderful new love nest with the new fiance. Then, she showed me the fanciest bling-age. Finally, she strode me past her closet full of shoes.

She, just like many of us, is a fan of the shoes. When you are a fan of the shoes, we can sometimes fall victim to the carelessness of shoe disorganization. Ugh. That is not love. Yet, my fab K, found a simple, and cost effective solution to that situation...the shoe rack. Not just any shoe rack. It was a shoe rack that stretched as far as...her closet could go. It was down below, two wooden rods attached to the WALL!! Genius.

So, because I inspire to be as cool as her, I decided to copy. Isn't that supposed to be flattery? Oui, oui.

For a mere $23-ish dollars, I put together my shoe display.

The before (Be brave and nice, this will be scary.):

Imagine this and that in a closet in an area about

4' squared.

It was super easy to put the end result together. Two long wooden rods and two pairs of the plastic end thingers. It's just like hanging a clothing/closet rod.

Measure where you want to place them (I used my shoe as a guide) and then screw them. I like to make a little whole with the drill first to help get the screw in faster and straighter. After that, place the measured and cut rods into their slots and shoe rack!

Now, the after (much betta'):

Check out the rack! Look at all those pretty girls lined up in the back.

I put it up high enough that I could put bins underneath. Filled with what you say? More shoes, of course!

Do you have any special set-ups for keeping organized?

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