Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baby, you're on my mind

In the eventual future, the hubby and I will hopefully be bringing a little EskimoJohn into the world. Yet, for the time being, I can just turn my head and gaze thoughtfully into the clear sky and ponder the super sweet baby room I'll get to create. Yeah! 

So, even though I don't get to have a baby now, my wonderful dear friend S. does and that means I don't have to feel too bad about having babies on the brain. Not only is she having a sweet strawberry, it's a girly berry! How adorable. 

During one of my many blog reading tangents, I found this adorable image and just had to save it. Love the green, the initials, the green houndstooth, the bamboo shade, the rug...okay, I love it all!

I apologize to the room owner. I don't know where I found this image. 
I believe it was while browsing a link from makingitlovely.com.

Wouldn't it be so sweet to snuggle up in that little twin bed with your baby bug right beside you? 

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Stephanie said...

You're too funny, Nance. Chris says you have to help us decorate! Seriously we need your DIY creativity.