Monday, October 26, 2009

Recuperating from a Decorating Catastrophy

{the guestroom}

{other side of guestroom}

{small hallway outside of guestroom, office, and bath 1}

{long hallway. so I decided against the long painted runner once I found these for $30 at TJMaxx. all my colors...perfect!}

{living room. sorry for the late night pictures.I'm looking for something to put on the wall above the tv. it looks so lonely}

{the wall opposite the sofa. it's still a work in progress, but I'm loving it. oh, and there's my chair. I'm almost done now. I only have the seat cushion to sew}
{the doggies and their favorite chair on the little landing in the master}

{one side of the master. I also feel like I need something on the space above the bed. I need ideas}

The office still needs a lot of work since it's been the hardest to organize, so I'm not including any bland photos. We're totally lacking in storage space and so it's been a struggle trying to find a place for all the hubby's music stuff and all of my craft supplies. It doesn't have any color in it, but I'm thinking a combo that works with orange is in the cards.

I am working on replacing the chairs in the living room with two of these:

Product Image Athens Upholstered Chairs Collection
{option 1. one of my fave's}

Product Image Canary Print Armless Chair - Brown
{option 2}
Product Image Diamond Upholstered Chair-Bark
{option 3. another fave}
Product Image Clybourn Loft Upholstered Chair-Brown
{option 4. love the shape, but not totally convinced about the fabric}
Product Image Luster Swoop Arm Chair - Silver
{option 5. LOVE the shape and like the color. the pattern is lovely. this is probably the most practical}

So, what do you think? I'm leaning towards option 1 because the modern and relaxed shape as well as the pattern will prevent our living room from seeming too stuffy. But, option 5 really is a great shape. I mean, just look at that looker in this living room. It just really makes me want to get one like that.


The prices range from $150 to $370.00. I know, sorta a big range. Either way,  I think these Tarjay options are great, especially with a 15% discount for purchases over $125, free shipping, and apparently an extra discount from the hubby's employer; they are worthy of all my pennies. I really love the Dolce chair I bought from Tarjay a few years ago. The doggies have loved it a lot too since they've worn in out. It's comfy and the right size for our place, so I'm guessing all of these will be around the same size.

Also, since our ceilings are all higher than the ones in our home in Petaluma things are feeling a little mini in the rooms. Any suggestions on how to "lift" our spaces? Affordable options for decorating the walls? I was thinking maybe some architectural object like a decorative door?


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Maggie said...

Nancy the place is looking fabulous! I can't believe you have it looking so good so soon. Well actually, I can! Great job!