Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Yup. I've finally taken some pictures of a few things that have been getting done around this casita. One was Moe the sad chair from ages ago. I am this close to getting it done. The others are a pair of roman shades I made for the window in the area beside the kitchen.

First up, the roman blinds. I have to apologize for a lack of pictures throughout the process. I'd been pretty good about doing so, but for whatever reason, I didn't take any for this project. I believe it's because I was using Jenny's tutorial over at Little Green Notebook and didn't think it was necessary to take my own. Now, I realize that maybe I should have because I added a step or two. Anyhoo, here they are:

{step I added: sewing white muslin to the front fabric and then turning it inside out before gluing the whole thing together}
{I wanted a white liner on the back}

{another step: adding grosgrain ribbon with fabric glue. I love orange}

Moving onto the wingback chair:
{scary before}

{not so scary almost-after}

{ I still have to sew the cover for the seat cushion. I've been slackin'.}

{ignore the imperfections please. it was my first time}

{pattern up close and the jute/cotton cord I'm running around the edges of the chair. another thing I still need to do!}

The work. Man. What a pain it was to remove what seemed like 126,286,636,364 staples and then putting ALL those staples back on it for the reupholstery. For most of that work I used my hard core business NOT electric staple gun. My hand hurt. A lot. Then, on a visit to my local little hardware store I spotted my savior. An electric staple gun...with a trigger...and lots of power...for $40!!! I guess I thought an electric staple gun would have been expensive, but I was wrong. It made the rest of the project a lot more pleasurable for my hands, but still not pleasing to the ears of the doggies and probably the people living in the upstairs flat. Oh well.

As far as putting it together, I basically worked in reverse. I found the supplies at an upholstery store in town and then did some research on the internet. I know it's not perfect, but it's good enough for me.

I'm overall very pleased with these two projects and of course the projects are neverending around here. I've got some faux roman blinds for the office I'm making tomorrow (yay, for Veterans!) using the fabric below. I again found a great deal on ebay; 5 yards for $25!

{amy butler henna paisley in blue}

I will have to remember to take pictures this time.

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