Friday, November 13, 2009

Can I get some horns with that?

There's this shop over on Valencia that I have recently fallen in love with. When the hubby and I first came upon this delightful place all he could say about it was that it was "Weird" and "Why would anyone want to buy stuff there?" A few days later he mentioned that he'd brought up this unusual shop with one of his coworkers and the hubby didn't get the reaction he was expecting because the guy apparently seemed offended. I guess I'm not alone in my weird shop love.

On my day off this week, I decided I had to visit. Now what could possibly be weird about this store? Let me just say that one of the first things you see when you enter is a mounted horse head with a horn added to it so as to make it appear to be a unicorn. Weird or interesting? Aside from that unique object, they have an amazing collection of taxidermy framed butterflies (I love!) and an amazing array of plants. My personal faves being the succulents. They have beautiful vintage botanical prints, amazing artwork, and random bits and pieces. There is soo much to look at and as my title states, lots of horns. Mounted animals galore as well as the unusual in the style of the unicorn.

While I was there I had to pick up another succulent and a lovely ceramic (orange) flower pot. As I was walking towards the register, I was stopped by a plant on a plaque. No dirt needed there. They had a detailed description on the plant and the care it requires. I instantly decided I needed one and now I'm on the waiting list for a small one (since they didn't have any in stock on Wednesday). Meet Staghorn Fern. Mr. Fern if you please.

Product Image
                                       {yup, it's got horns, too}

{how about this one in your living room?}

I guess even the nursery part of the store couldn't avoid having horns. Based on my little research on the net, you can buy one not on a plaque and then mount it yourself. All you need is some moss, some kind of string/tie, and a plant. Easy as pie. You can find out exactly how here!

{images courtesy of google search}


Stephanie said...

My parents have a little palm plant mounted to a plaque, outside, near their front door. So no, I don't think it's that weird. The big one is probably a little too much, though.

mrs shortcake said...

Wow! I have never seen plaque-mounted plants of any kind! Beats displaying animal parts! ;) I'm so excited that we share the same EDD!