Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Big Move

There's been a lot going on around the Johnson house. The school year has started and I've been extremely overwhelmed with my new classes. The hubby got a new job with a BIG company(it rhymes with snapple). I was gone in Tahoe for my fab friend K's bachelorette. I've also done lots of changes around the house, but really haven't had any time to take pictures. I'm just exhausted.

I've lost my steam with updating my blog on my house projects because....we're moving! I hate moving and I'm sad about having to rent our house. poop. But, we're very excited about things to come for us. With the company he'll be working for being in Cupertino and me having to still work in San Rafael, we've decided we're moving to San Francisco. Man...we're so not bumbed about that. We figured we're still young, have always talked about living in the city, and it's a good place for both of us to commute from. So, I haven't really been making too many changes in regards to the house itself, except for accessories (I made new linen drapes that I love!). The hubby is set to start his job in about three weeks, so we've already started prepping for the move. We haven't found a place yet, since he just accepted the offer on Thursday, but there are a few places we're interested in. I'm of course making sure it's a good base to work with since I won't be able to make any changes. =(

So, the next few weeks will more definitely be really crazy for us and the posting will probably be sparse. But, I will most definitely be posting pictures of our options and an upcoming visit from a blogging buddy! Hey Lindsay!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Girly!!

YEA So Excited for you two! Those are some BIG but SOOO EXCITING changes! Looking forward to seeing you guys THIS weekend!!! Wowza it's almost here!

Again, Congrats on your hubby's new job with "Snapple!" *WINK and your move into SF!

Talk to you very soon!

Maggie said...

Hey Nancy - wow, that is really exciting! Give our congratulations to Eric, that is awesome! Good luck in this next chapter of your lives.

Stephanie said...

Wow that's huge news!! I'm so relieved Eric found a job at Snapple. :) This is going to be great. Let me know if you need any help or anything. We haven't seen you all summer!