Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Over already!?

Well, my so-called summer filled with time to craft, sew, and take on new project was pretty much just in theory. I cannot believe it's been TWO months since I last wrote an entry on this blog! There was a lot going on around our place during the summer, but none of it (sadly, sort of) included house projects or crafts. Or maybe just a little bit. The biggest thing this summer...our baby girl Amélie, making her appearance two and half weeks earlier than expected!

We think she's perfect!

Of course now that she's here, I don't think that I'll be spending much time blogging here as I have much more important things to do such as stare at my baby, kiss her a million times a day, snuggle her, smell her sweet baby scent, and love her to pieces. My desire to work on new projects has definitely diminished and of course not having enough time to do them doesn't help either. I'm sure I'll come around to my crafting senses in time, but until then, I've got my hands full.