Thursday, June 17, 2010

Officially Summer...

...because I have no more students and papers to grade! I last saw them on Friday of last week, but I still had to go in for training of our new textbook, ugh, and then some training on English language learner teaching strategies this week. Woo, the fun life of a teacher! Although I'm not prepared with lesson plans for next year, I'm really not concerned at all. I just cannot believe I have 5 months of vacation/baby bonding time starting today. I'm also happy to have been working with my sub, so I know she'll be working to prep for the beginning of the year. I still have one more work related meeting next week and probably some communicating with the sub, but I'm considering it SUMMER! With that said...I can finally begin little projects around the house. How about some beautiful images for inspiration now?! Yes, please!

{all images courtesy of House Beautiful}