Thursday, June 4, 2009


I have ONE week of school left and then the hubby and I are off on our honeymoon. As I type this, I should be working. Yup, work is kicking my butt and throwing me out with the trash. I told the hubby last night that I was going to blog since it's been FOREVER. Did I get around to it?...nope. I am too busy. I have so many little things that I've been working on around the house but pictures and details will have to wait. poop.

Every day next week is a short day since we get out at about 1, so perhaps I'll find some time to report on the projects, but, we'll see. This is how the schedule stands right now:

Monday: work till 3PM (7th period final), pack up classroom to move into the English hallway (finally!) and hopefully never have to move all my stuff ever again, probably be here till hmmm...6ish?? 
Tuesday: work till 1-ish, grade finals and projects, probably until 4. Go home and pick up dad from SFO...again.
Wednesday: work till 1-ish, grade finals, pick up graduation cake for brother, other brother coming into town-entertain.
Thursday: work till 1-ish, grade finals, prepare for graduation, reserve seats in the shade for family, graduation at 6PM, celebration dinner, staff end-of-the-school-year bash, chaperone senior grad night till 4AM! Yeah, 4AM!
Friday: be at work to clean-up, organize in new room, enter grades, get a clearance from the many people that need to sign forms, finally head home, family time, get ready to vacation.
Saturday: take brother to take placement tests in Sac (Steph, I hope la Chiquita is here by then!), make it to bridal shower for K, and pack...

umm...okay, so writing all this down is not making me feel better about how busy I am. Oh, and then there's the making dinner, cleaning the house, taking care of the doggies, and relaxing part of my day I left out. Yeah, blogging will have to wait. I'm going to try really hard to post at least pictures because seriously, I like to keep a journal of my projects.

It the mean time, I read this and felt compelled to pass it on. It explains the phenomena of Twilight as I would, if I had time. 

Grossy girl + hot guy = almost perfect picture

Elements of Style entry on "Pop Culture Digression: The Twilight Phenomenon Explained

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Stephanie said...

I'm hoping she's here by next Saturday too. Believe me!!! :) Hang in there - you're almost done and then it's Aruba time!!!! So excited for you.